Tech Tip: Provide individual spam filtering for users

Spam is a significant problem for most organizations, and anything you can do to further decrease the amount of spam that reaches users and clogs your mail servers will be an improvement. MailFrontier offers two solutions to the growing spam problem.

MailFrontier's Anti-Spam Gateway is a server-side product that filters spam before it reaches users' inboxes. For Outlook and Outlook Express users, you can install MailFrontier Matador to give them an additional spam-fighting tool.

Matador uses a combination of whitelists, blacklists, and content filtering to screen messages. Users can also configure Matador to issue challenges to senders. Once the sender responds to the challenge, Matador adds the sender's address to the list of allowed senders. The way Matador structures the challenge makes it almost impossible for a spammer to bypass it.

Matador also allows antispam collaboration with other Matador users, building and maintaining a database of indicators to identify spam messages. The program also includes customizable filters to help you block or allow messages about specific topics.

In addition to these features for blocking spam, Matador provides reporting to help users understand how much spam they receive so they can adjust filters and other features to more effectively eliminate it.

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