Tech Tip: Retrieve items hidden in Outlook Today

Outlook users frequently complain that messages they drag and drop into the Outlook Today folder sometimes seem to disappear, and they can't find a way to recover them. Actually, Outlook Today is just a folder home page that obscures the underlying folder so the user doesn't see it, and there are a couple ways to retrieve the items.

If the user is an Exchange user, he or she can do an Advanced Find (go to Tools | Advanced Find), set the Look In folder to the root folder of the mailbox (and only the root folder), and click Find Now. (Leaving all of the fields blank will cause Outlook to find all items in that folder.) From the resulting list of items, the user can right-click and move the items to other folders or delete them.

Another option for Exchange users is to temporarily turn off the Outlook Today page so they can see the underlying folder. To do so, right-click the Outlook Today icon on the Outlook Bar, and select Properties. On the Home Page tab, deselect the Show Home Page By Default For This Folder check box, and click OK. Now click the Outlook Today shortcut to see the root folder displayed, including all of the missing items. Users can move or delete items as they wish.

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