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Tech Tip: Share contacts with a vCard

Outlook users who use Exchange Server have several features at their disposal to share contacts, distribution lists, and other information. For example, the Global Address List and custom address lists created by the Exchange Server administrator enable users to access a common set of addresses. Users can also work with public folders to share contacts and distribution lists.

But Outlook users who don't use Exchange Server can't take advantage of these features for sharing addresses and distribution lists. However, they can share contacts almost as easily, thanks to the vCard standard, which provides a common means for sharing contact data.

To share a contact as a vCard, open the Contacts folder, right-click the contact, and choose Forward. Outlook opens a new e-mail message with the contact attached as a vCard file. Enter the recipient's address, add any additional text if needed, and send the message.

When the message arrives, the recipient can simply double-click the attachment to view the contact. The recipient can save the vCard in his or her own Contacts folder simply by clicking Save And Close.

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