Tech Tip: Share folders using Net Folders

Outlook can publish free/busy information to a publicly available server, which makes it possible for users without Exchange Server to view another user's free/busy times. In many situations, however, Outlook users without Exchange Server might like to do more than share free/busy information. In Outlook 2000, Net Folders serve that purpose.

To use Net Folders to share information, you can create a master folder and send subscriptions to others, giving them access to the folder. After a person accepts a subscription, Net Folders replicates the folder contents to that person using e-mail messages and handles synchronization between users. Each user has the capability to specify who's subscribed to a particular folder and what permissions subscribers have in the folder.

The Net Folders feature isn't installed with Outlook 2000 by default, but you can run Setup to add it. For more information on sharing a folder and setting permissions, search Help for Net Folders.

If you use Outlook 2002 and would like the benefits of Net Folders, check out 4Team for Microsoft Outlook. 4Team for Microsoft Outlook provides features and functions that are similar to Outlook 2000's Net Folders.

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