Tech Tip: Take control of cookies

In Windows XP, cookies are stored in the C:\Documents And Settings\<Username>\Cookies folder, where <Username> is the login name of the user. If you've ever opened the Cookies folder from within Windows Explorer, you know that this folder contains thousands of files.

While some cookies are useful, others could be considered a violation of your privacy. Fortunately, Windows XP comes with a privacy feature that allows you to control the amount and type of cookies that are saved on your computer. Here's how to use the privacy feature:

  1. Open Control Panel, and choose Network And Internet Connection.
  2. Click Internet Options, and select the Privacy tab.
  3. Use the slider to select a privacy setting.

The default privacy setting is Medium. At the top and bottom of the scale are Block All Cookies and Accept All Cookies, respectively. As you move the slider, you'll see an explanation of the level of privacy that the settings provide.

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