Tech Tip: Troubleshoot startup problems with Bootlog

Windows 98 provides many tools to help troubleshoot startup problems. One of these is the Bootlog.txt file. This text file logs all the startup actions of Windows, along with a note of their success or failure.

To create the log, press [Ctrl] or [F8] at the Windows startup message to bring up the Startup menu, and select Logged (it's usually the second menu option). Windows will start in normal mode, but it also creates a text file in the root of the Windows drive called Bootlog.txt.

The Bootlog.txt file logs each attempted driver load. Here's an example that shows both a success and a failure.

[00021F22] Loading Vxd = ndis.vxd
[00021F22] LoadSuccess = ndis.vxd
[00021F22] Loading Vxd = ndis2sup.vxd
[00021F35] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd

This allows you to see the network components of Windows that aren't loading correctly, which helps you iron out system problems.

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