Tech Tip: Troubleshoot the ECP printer port

Windows 95 sometimes experiences an unusual printing problem. After creating a local Windows printer on LPT1 and loading a driver for the printer, all appears well. However, nothing ever prints, even though Device Manager reports no problems with the hardware, and the print jobs are seen entering and leaving the printer Window. Booting to DOS and copying files to the printer works, so the issue appears to be with Windows.

This problem may occur when an Enhanced Capability Port (ECP) is configured in Windows 95. The ECP printer port sends information to the printer faster than the printer can process it. Here's how to resolve the problem:

  1. Open the System applet of Control Panel and drill down to the printer port in Device Manager.
  2. Double-click the printer port, and select the Driver tab.
  3. Click the Change (Or Update) Driver button, and follow the wizard to select Show All Devices.
  4. Choose Standard Port Types from the Manufacturers list, and select Printer Port from the Models list.
  5. Click OK, and install the driver.

Device Manager should now show "Printer Port" rather than "ECP Printer Port," which will resolve your print problem.

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