Tech Tip: Upgrade to VMware Workstation 4

The latest major revision of VMware, version 4, is now available. VMware is a virtual machine that runs on Linux or Windows. It emulates an x86 machine so you can run other operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and DOS, regardless of the host OS.

VMware is an invaluable tool for many people. Not only does it remove the requirement to dual-boot (unless you want to play games in Windows), but it also allows you to run multiple OSs at the same time on one computer.

Version 4 of VMware provides many powerful features, including a new user interface, which allows you to create a favorites list of virtual machines and move between virtual machines using tabs. In addition, you have the ability to take snapshots of your virtual machine so you can revert to a previous state at any time. This is an excellent feature when testing or configuring an OS in the virtual machine.

Another welcome feature is the ability to drag and drop files between systems and use shared folders between the guest and host OSs. For kernel hackers, VMware 4 comes with full debug support. Finally, there's also improved video and sound support, which allows you to listen to sound files from within the virtual machine with the same high quality as the host system.

If you require a powerful virtual machine on your desktop, VMware 4 with its new powerful features and improved UI is a welcome upgrade. For more information, visit the VMware Web site.

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