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Tech Tip: Use Internet Explorer in Offline mode

There are benefits to using HTML pages for publishing company information to your network users. However, you may have users who rarely connect to the network.

If the HTML pages in question are basic, static pages that require no Web server processing, you can copy them to the users' computers when they log in to the network—either as part of a login script, as a manual procedure, or as an e-mail attachment.

Next, create a shortcut to a batch file that starts Internet Explorer and points straight to the page on the disconnected computer without the browser trying to go online. The batch file should contain the following lines:

reg update "hku\.default\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\internet settings\globaluseroffline=1" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe c:\htm_pages\start.htm"

You may have to alter the path to Internet Explorer. The first line forces the browser into Offline mode—regardless of the mode it was closed in—and the second line opens the first page. This provides a good start for a mechanism that makes distribution very simple for users.

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