Tech Tip: Use NBTStat in Windows XP to load the contents of the LMHosts file

Follow these steps to load the contents of the LMHosts file with the NBTStat command.

If you're using an LMHosts file, you know that it maps NetBIOS names to IP addresses for hosts not located on the local subnet. You can also use an LMHosts file to back up WINS when it comes to resolving NetBIOS names for small networks.

After you create or edit the LMHosts file, you might think that you have to restart the computer in order to load the contents of the file into the NetBIOS name cache. However, there's an easier method that doesn't require restarting the computer. You can use the NBTStat command instead.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing [Windows]R.
  2. Type Cmd.exe in the Open text box.
  3. Type NBTStat -R in the resulting command prompt.

In this situation, the parameter is case-sensitive, so make sure you use an uppercase R.

This command forces Windows XP to purge the contents of the NetBIOS name cache and then reload the #PRE-tagged entries from the LMHosts file.

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