Tech Tip: Use Word's AutoSummarize/Display Excel's simple function results/Print a single form in Access

Learn how to use Word's AutoSummarize feaure, display Excel's simple function results, and print a single form in Access.

Lighten the information load with AutoSummarize

When you need to read and summarize a lengthy article or manuscript, let Word's AutoSummarize feature create a summary of the document for you. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools | AutoSummarize.
  2. In the AutoSummarize dialog box, select one of the four summary options: Highlight Key Points, Insert An Executive Summary Or Abstract At The Top Of The Document, Create A New Document And Put The Summary There, or Hide Everything But The Summary Without Leaving The Original Document.
  3. Specify the length of the summary in the Percent Of Original drop-down box, and click OK.

The AutoSummarize feature not only highlights or creates a summary of the main points, but it also updates the document statistics in the file's properties. If you don't want Word to update the file properties, deselect the Update Document Statistics check box.

Display simple function results in the status bar

When you need to perform a quick, one-time analysis of your data, try using Excel's status bar functions. For example, a nonprofit organization may list donations by date, donor, and amount. If a donor calls to ask for all of his or her donations on record for the previous year, you can use this feature to provide a quick answer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sort the list by donor.
  2. Sort the list by date.
  3. Select the cells that pertain to the donor for the appropriate dates.
  4. Right-click the status bar, and select Sum.

Excel displays the total in the status bar. Other simple function results that Excel can display in the status bar include Average, Count, Count Nums, Max, and Min.

Print a single form

Access allows you to print a form exactly as it appears on the screen. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the record you want to print. (If you want to print a blank form, click the New Record button on the Form View toolbar.)
  2. Click the record selector bar to the left of the form.
  3. Go to File | Print.
  4. Under Print Range, click Selected Record(s), and click OK.

If you select a totally blank record, the form will not print. You must enter a space or a period in at least one field and fill in all required data before you can print a blank form.

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