Tech Tip: View an entire year in the Calendar

Outlook provides a broad enough range of features that one person will likely use the program differently—at least to some degree—than another person. For example, some people prefer to work with a day view in the Calendar, while others prefer to see a week or even a month at a time.

No matter which Calendar view your users prefer, they may need to view an entire year in some situations. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't provide a built-in view or the capability to customize a view to show an entire year.

An add-in ActiveX control from Planet Software Pty Ltd. called Outlook Year View gives Outlook that capability. With this add-in installed, users can view an entire year in the Calendar folder and view events and appointments in customizable colors.

The capability to view a year's worth of appointments can be very handy when you're trying to plan for a lengthy event such as a vacation, trade show, or conference. A yearly view is also extremely useful when scheduling resources such as conference rooms and equipment.

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