Welcome to our Technologia Guild blog. This blog will serve as a central location where members of this adventurous guild can report progress, make plans for instance raids, ask for help for completing epic quests, etc.

These reports can be presented in any number of ways. As a community blog, I suggest we identify ourselves at the beginning of each post. I also propose that blog entries can be made by our real life (meat space) personas, and/or by our in-game characters.

Once again the driving idea behind Technologia is to have some fun with people of similar-interests. The driving idea behind this blog is the same. If your character has a particularly interesting experience, it would be fun to hear about that adventure from the perspective of the character. Certainly, there is no obligation for this, but I, for one, am going to give it a try.

Also, remember, this not a literary exercise — please no editing of style, factual corrections only.

I have (showing great courage as guild leader, I might add) taken the plunge with the next post — I hope many will follow. Note the format; this will help us keep track of just who is posting.