It’s the kind of story that just makes you happy. A young woman in White Plains, New York, Kait Duplaga, had her laptop stolen from the apartment she shared with two roommates. Unfortunately for the thief, Duplaga worked at an Apple store and had all the latest software applications installed on her laptop, which led to its return.

First of all, she subscribed to a service that allowed her to gain access to her computer from any connected Mac with the Leopard operating system. Her particular laptop also came standard with Photo Booth, an application created by Apple that uses a built-in iSight camera to take pictures.

All the fun started when a friend text-messaged Duplaga and congratulated her on getting her laptop back because she’d popped up as being online. Of course, it was actually the thief doing some online shopping, using the stolen laptop.

So yeah, you guessed it, Duplaga was able to snap a picture of the thief’s face as he used her laptop. That would have been a pretty good clue on its own, but one of her roommates recognized the guy from having attended one of their parties earlier in the month.

Wonder if they were able to use the Photo Booth shot as his mug shot?