Software developers and the companies they work for are completely saturated by an avalanche of technologies that could help in their work, according to Juval Lowy, a member of Microsoft’s internal design review team for .NET.

In a recent video interview with Builder AU, Lowy said that the rate of technological change was now far greater than the rate at which companies could adopt technologies.

“We’ve literally passed the resonance frequency of technologies”, he said.

“What I suspect this is going to do is, over time it’s going to segment the market. You’re going to have to go agile, smart, early adopt and keep up this pace or people will just lag behind.”

Lowy also identified organisational issues as affecting the quality of software — for example, the static hierarchy of development teams and the inability of organisations to recognise when they need highly specialised skills.

“The level of complexity of modern applications, the kind of functionalities, the kind of user experience that they are required to deliver today is not on par with what the organisation can support”, he said.

“Most organisations don’t recognise [that] they need a visual designer for virtually every piece of user interface — [in] much the same way, most organisations don’t realise that they need a professional architect whenever they design these modern highly connected server orientated systems. There is a disconnect there as well.”

Lowy will return to Australia in February 2009 to conduct a series of training seminars.

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