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The problem

Managing multiple file shares on a computer is relatively
easy, but to do so you have to go through a layer of menu commands. Although
not a huge problem if you only have to manage one computer, when you must
manage file shares on several workstations, it can become annoying.

The cause

Normally to manage file shares, you must either go through
My Computer and access the shares one by one or you can access shared folders
by clicking Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management
| Shared Folders.

The solution

You can quickly
manage files by using the Shard Folders directly from the Run command or the
Command prompt. To do this, Start, click Run, type fsmgmt.msc, click OK,
and the Shared Folders snap-in will immediately appear.  As seen in Figure A.

Figure A

You can directly access the
Shared Folder Snap-in from the command prompt.

From there you
can access the same three folders–Shared, Sessions, and Open Files–that you
could by going in the long way.