The Problem

Users have stored user ID and password information on their
computer. When visiting a site, the stored IDs and passwords grant access
without the user having to reenter information.

The Cause

Microsoft Windows
XP stores user names and passwords on your PC so when you visit Web sites and
properly configured applications, you don’t have to reenter the information.
Caching information can be helpful if users have multiple usernames and
passwords for different programs and can also speed login times for users.
However, by storing passwords, Windows XP also makes it possible for an
unauthorized person to walk up to the computer and use the stored passwords to
access the protected programs.

The Solution

1.      Click Start and select Run.

2.      Type in rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr and click

3.      The Stored User Names And Passwords Window will appear.

4.      You can remove an entry by selecting it from the list and
clicking Remove.

5.      Click Close.

Alternate Solutions

You can also access the Stored User Names And Passwords
Window screen by clicking Start | Control Panel | User Accounts. Click the
Advanced tab and then the Manage Passwords button.

To clear information from Internet Explorer, click Tools |
Internet Options. Select the Content tab and click AutoComplete. Click Clear
Forms and Clear Passwords. You should also remove all checkboxes on the
AutoComplete screen.