Due to popular demand, TPG has opted to allow Java, HTML, and plain IRC interfaces to participate in the Guild Meetings. Prior to these changes, the only available option was to use the Java Lite version, which was very fast but less feature-rich than the full-blown Java version. TPG’s Guild Meetings now feature both stronger cross-platform support and support for the standard IRC chat interface.

Platform-dependent how-tos
The Linux community will be able to use either the Java or Java Lite software from the Web site. (The strict Java is recommended.)

The Linux community will be happy to know that it can use its favorite chat clients to join the TPG-moderated discussion forums. You can download an rpm of Xchat or the source tarball . In order to access the TPG Guild Meetings via IRC, you’ll need to enter the following settings in Xchat:
Server: guildmeeting.techrepublic.com
Port: 6667
Channels: #guild meeting

And that’s all for Xchat (and most other Linux chat applications).

Please note that most of the common commands are not enabled in this chat service. Op, DeOp, Ban, Kick, Lookup, and Whois have been disabled to ensure that everyone enjoys the simplest cross platform experience. The moderator of each session is a dedicated TechRepublic staff member, so each Guild Meeting will run smoothly and efficiently.

The Windows OS offers two choices: the Web interface or the IRC interface. When you log on to the Guild Meetings with a Web browser, you should have a choice between the Java and Java Lite Web interfaces. If you don’t see both options, the cookie from a previous session is taking precedence. To resolve the problem, log out, delete your cookie, and log on again.

If you’re opting for the IRC application, enter the same settings given for the Xchat, shown above.

Entering server settings in mIRC

After you connect, you’ll see a Channel Folder. However, the folder won’t list the Guild Meeting. To join the meeting, type “#guild meeting” in the box that says, “Enter name of channel to join,” and press Enter.

Or you can ignore the channel list. Instead, in the Status dialog box, type “/join #guild meeting” and press Enter.

You can use the Channel Folder to join the Guild Meeting

You can also use the Status dialog box to join the Guild Meeting

We recommend that you download mIRC , a strong IRC client. Please take note: As with the Linux IRC client, when using Windows IRC applications during a Guild Meeting, many of the standard commands (whois, lookup, Op, DeOp, Ban, Kick, and Dialog) are disabled.
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