TechRepublic Academy launches today to help you muscle up your skills for tomorrow

Offering over 100 courses on technology and business, this education tool for professionals will help you develop the talent to do your job better, or get a better job.


TechRepublic has always been about providing information to make you more effective at your job, since working in the technology field means keeping up with one of the fastest changing professions on earth. I'm happy to announce that starting today we're offering a new way to help you keep pace: TechRepublic Academy.

This is a joint venture that TechRepublic and ZDNet are launching with StackCommerce to offer a library of courses on the latest technologies, as well as business skills like project management and social media marketing.

The goal here is to provide you with some solid training and certification prep at a reasonable price.

For example, there are courses on:

You can find some exclusive launch deals here.

Give some of these courses a spin, and let us know what you think.

As you'd expect, TechRepublic makes a share of revenue from the sale of products and services offered through this partnership.

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