On Friday, TechRepublic celebrates its 10th anniversary with a community event in Louisville, Kentucky, where TechRepublic first launched on May 3, 1999 and where its editorial headquarters is still located today.

TechRepublic was founded as an online trade publication and peer-to-peer network (or a social network, before it was called a “social network”) for IT professionals. As such, we’ve invited our community members to Louisville to join us for the celebration at 2:00 PM Eastern on Friday.

For those who can’t able to make it to Louisville, we’ll also be live-streaming the event today over Ustream and Stickham and we will offer an on-demand video of the two-hour program afterward. Here are the links to the live streams (which will begin at 2:00 PM EST):

Joe Rosberg, a long-time member and a blogger in TechRepublic’s User Support section, has published a post on his thoughts about the history of TR and what makes it a unique community. Other members have added their thoughts and stories about TechRepublic in the discussion and we invite others to join in.

For those involved in the event — both live and online — who Twitter about it today, please include the following Twtter tag: #TR10.