If you’ve been following the TechRepublic Hot 5 video series, you know that I frequently count down the hottest discussions of the week — however, there are also times when I switch it up a little bit and cover other Hot 5 topics, such as the most active TR members and passwords that make IT security folks cringe.

Since the Hot 5 series began in February, this is the very first week that I won’t be posting a video. But instead of leaving the TR community wondering what happened, I thought I’d post an explanation of sorts in its place.

Here are the Hot 5 reasons why there isn’t a video this week:

5. I ran out of cool t-shirts to wear for the show.  I purchased several tech-related / geeky shirts from CafePress and ThinkGeek but have already made my way through the entire wardrobe. Do you have a shirt that you’d like to see me wear on the TR Hot 5 video series? I’m currently taking all shirt donations (size Large), and if you send in a shirt, I’ll even give you a shout out on the show! To receive my mailing information, please e-mail trol@techrepublic.com.

4. Speaking of CafePress, I got distracted by all of the new TechRepublic merchandise that’s available on their site! In the TechRepublic forums, I’ve seen community members brag about how many TR mugs they’ve acquired, and some members even believe that the possession of TR swag differentiates the “in” crowd from the riffraff. Well, I’m not so sure about the validity of those claims, but I do know that the TechRepublic store on CafePress just changed the rules of the game. How cool would you be to have the first pair of underwear with the TechRepublic logo? No, you don’t have to send in pics… we’ll take your word for it!

3. More TechRepublic members haven’t become a Fan of TechRepublic on Facebook or started to Follow TechRepublic on Twitter. What are the benefits of connecting with us on these social networking sites? Well, not only will you see TR’s great content and information at a glance, but you will also see occasional messages from yours truly — like when I need Hot 5 topic suggestions! Sure, I received a couple good suggestions this past week, but can you imagine how many more I would gotten if the entire TR community decided to jump on the Facebook and Twitter train?! Oh, the possibilities!

2. I was busy planning all the great things we’re going to do during this year’s tech event, June 30 – July 2, called “TechRepublic Live 2010: The Changing Face of IT.” As I explained in the original announcement, this event is more like an actual tech conference. The TR community will get to meet each other, face-to-face, as well as the editorial staff and contributor writers, and talk about the IT issues that interest you all the most. Plus there could be a cocktail party, dinner, cool new swag, and a hug-fest (the last one is compliments of gadgetgirl). I know you don’t want to miss it, so please RSVP by sending a confirmation e-mail to trol@techrepublic.com.

1. The Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday in May, in Louisville, KY. And that means that today — Friday, the day before the Kentucky Derby — is Oaks Day, where the fillies run for the lilies. Now, I know that Louisville starts celebrating two weeks before Derby weekend, but Oaks Day really should be a recognized holiday. Heck, even public schools are closed for the day. Ultimately, it comes down to this… when you have friends come to town, take a couple days off work, and partake in the infield activities at Churchill Downs, it’s pretty impossible to actually write, record, and edit a video!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and be sure to check back next week for a regularly scheduled TR Hot 5 video.