TechRepublic has launched a new Job Board where you can search job listings based on your IT skills and your geographic location. You can easily get to the Job Board by clicking the Jobs tab in the navigation bar at the top of all TechRepublic pages. Also, in the right column of some pages you’ll see a TechRepublic Featured Jobs box that provides a short listing of several featured jobs.

The Job Board has quick searches on a variety of popular IT job roles, including:

The searches provide two sets of results: Featured Jobs from TechRepublic and Featured Jobs from the Web. The Featured Jobs from TechRepublic are jobs that employers have paid to specifically target the TechRepublic audience. The Jobs from the Web come from a variety of popular job boards from across the Internet. If there are no Featured TechRepublic jobs for a specific search, you will see only the Jobs from the Web.

If you have a position that you are currently looking to fill, you can list your job in this directory using the Post a Job form. There’s a basic flat fee ($300 for 30 days), and these jobs get listed in Featured Jobs from TechRepublic.

What do you think about TechRepublic’s new Job Board? Does it work as expected? What other features would you like to see on the Job Board? Join the discussion.