As the number of TechRepublic readers approaching our site from mobile devices continues to skyrocket, we are working to offer better and more effective ways for accessing our Web content on these devices. Earlier this year when we did our big site upgrade, we also revamped the mobile HTML version of TechRepublic ( to make it much more friendly to use, especially on multitouch devices.

Now, we’re officially announcing native apps for the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms, which you can access from the following links:

Both the iPhone and Android apps have the same basic layout and are based around four tabs:

  • Most recent content
  • Most popular content
  • Content listed by blog
  • Content listed by author

These are basic reader apps to help our users quickly access our content and make it much easier to read on these mobile devices. Also, keep in mind that this is just the beginning of our mobile platform. Look for more developments in the future.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on these new apps. Please post in the discussion below.