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We have just been migrated from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. Previously in Outlook 2003, when I received an e-mail containing an image (the daily Dilbert cartoon by e-mail is a good example), I could right-click on the image, and do a ‘Save As.’ Now, in Outlook 2007, when I right click, all I get is a ‘Copy’ option. Does anyone have a good solution to provide the same functionality as in Outlook 2003?

(I did do a search in Google.  I came across some VB script, but it works only with attachments, not embedded images. There are numerous commercial packages, purporting to work with everything from Outlook 2001 to Vista – so, I have taken them with a pinch of salt!)

Copying and pasting into a graphics package is a pain, and you lose the file naming! I really miss the ability to save my images, so any assistance would be appreciated. Here’s my PC configuration:

– Windows XP Professional, with SP2

– Outlook 2007 with SP1

– Connecting to Exchange Server

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