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“Our company supports fueling systems for the Department of Defense (DOD) all over the world. The systems have a modem through which we can dial in and view many of the aspects of the machine, make changes to operational characteristics, and even view history from a print buffer.

My question is: How can I best connect from anywhere, when the modem requires an analog dial, but I would like to be able to connect from a netbook with a broadband card from anywhere I have a signal.

Additionally, possibly separately, we use Sprint FonCards for the long-distance charges, and a long-time Vonage devotee mentioned that there might be ways to reduce even those charges to the Pacific Rim and Europe since many IP Telephony companies have gateways in those countries.

These issues are currently complicating my support effort, as at this time any of us supporting a unit that needs a dial-in have to race to our homes or the office to get a land line.”

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