With the help from the TechRepublic community, we’ve compiled a list of questions from last week that had great answers and/or large appeal. If you want to submit your favorite Question of the Week, using those guidelines as criteria, please send them to trol@techrepublic.com.

We received a couple questions from TechRepublic members that we’d like to feature in this post. Please explain your answer(s) in the discussion thread.

Question #1 by TR member morakinyo:

Please compare various network device monitoring tools — such as Monolith and SolarWinds — with Cisco Works LMS3.0 in the following areas:

  • Device management
  • Configuration management
  • Log management
  • Device monitoring

Question #2 by TR member topgun:

Is there a simple way to do mouseovers (or rollovers) on photographs and graphics? Somebody once sent me a picture that would display the person’s name when you moved the mouse cursor over the subject in the picture. I could see where this could be a very useful feature without cluttering up the photograph or graphic. I haven’t been able to find an easy way to do this.

Here are some additional questions from last week: