Bringing smart, curious people together to discuss the future of the planet never fails to spark new conversations and useful clashes of interesting ideas. The IdeaFestival event has been successfully for over a decade, and TechRepublic will be reporting on some of the most interesting conversations from IdeaFestival 2014, with a special eye on innovation and the part technology will play.

TechRepublic normally focuses tightly on information technology, how to make it work in business, and the amazing ways people are using it to do important things I’m the world.

This week we’ll be zooming out and taking a broader look at the power of creativity, innovative thinking, and ideas that contain the possibility of changing the world. In almost every case, technology has a part to play in those scenarios.

That’s why we’re so interested and that’s why TechRepublic is the lead media partner for the event, which takes place at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville (where the TechRepublic editorial department has had its headquarters since it was founded during the Dot Com Boom).

You’ll find a stream of articles from TechRepublic staff members on IdeaFestival this week and you can also follow TechRepublic on Twitter where we’ll be tweeting from the event under the hashtag #IF14.