TechRepublic has sent out hundreds of swag items over the past 10 years, including flags, coffee mugs, pens, stress balls, t-shirts, and much more. We thought it would be fun to see photos of TechRepublic swag from around the world, and so we asked for swag photos on TechRepublic’s Facebook page and compiled pictures that were previously submitted for the TROLOV (TR Out Loud on Video) series.

See the gallery: “TechRepublic swag in action.”

We encourage all of our TechRepublic members to take photos of their TR swag and send them in (to so that we can add them to this TechRepublic community gallery. We’d even love it if you took some TR swag with you on your next vacation, so you could raise the TR flag — or flash the TR logo — in even the most remote locations. If you don’t have any TR swag but would like to contribute to this photo gallery, send your mailing address to the e-mail listed above.