As you’ve certainly noticed by now, TechRepublic has launched a new article page. Although our article pages have changed, one thing will stay the same: TechRepublic will continue to offer answers to the questions that arise in the workday life of the IT pro. But now we’ll do it more efficiently. Here are some of the features of the new page. (If you’d like to see a PDF that graphically points out all the new features, click here.)

The new article page starts with the “Takeaway.” This is a short statement that explains what information the reader can expect from the article. “Sometimes a title can’t convey all of the information an article will contain,” explained Bob Artner, vice president of TechRepublic. “So the takeaway gives a little more insight.”

Some articles will include an update segment that alerts readers to any information that has come to light since the original publication of the article.

Article excerpt
Our new format then follows with part of the actual article so you can get a sampling of its technical level and focus. If you want to read the full piece, click on “View the entire article” and you’re on your way.

More in this series
Following the article, you’ll find a list of other job aids that cover the same subject matter. For example, if the main piece is “Identity Object: Facilitating Identity Access,” then one of the articles in the related series list would be “Identity management is the key to keeping users and customers safe.”

“This section may include articles, tools, or downloads, but they’ll all be listed in this one section,” said Artner (Figure A).

Figure A

Premium content
Here we include some of the books and CDs that TechRepublic offers for sale that are also related to the main article content. Our identity management article, for example, would include “IT Professional’s Guide to Data Storage Design and Management.”

One of the richest sources of information on TechRepublic is the discussion forum. We’ve done the work for you, searching the boards for discussions on a topic and then relevant discussions for you to peruse. You’ll find this a great time-saver.

Top right: What Keeps You Up at Night?
At TechRepublic, we survey our members on a fairly regular basis to find out what issues they’re most concerned with. We call these our “What Keeps You Up at Night?” topics (Figure B). The right side of the new page is devoted to coverage on these topics. Find a link there to your current interest and click on it for a list of information that may solve a problem or help make a pending decision easier.

Figure B

Most popular
If you want to see what articles your fellow IT professionals are reading, all you have to do is take a look in this section. We’ve retained the ratings portion from our old format so you can still see what other members thought of the article.

So why the change?
We made the change to make it easier for members to use our articles and downloads. As Artner explains, “This change has been made to better meet the needs expressed by our members. We know they’re busy, and they want to go in and get the information they need quickly and move on.” The new article page offers, in a simple format, all the information IT pros need to answer their most pressing questions.

Give us your opinion

What do you think about our new article page? We’re eager to get your feedback since our members’ preferences guide what we do on the site. Drop us a line or post a note in the discussion at the end of this article.