TechRepublic welcomes Dan Patterson, Senior Writer

The TechRepublic team is excited to introduce the newest member of our staff--a writer who's going to help us in our mission to serve useful information to the planet's smartest tech readers.

Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson interviews Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance.
Photo courtesy of Dan Patterson

One of the best parts of any job is the opportunity to work with great people.

Specifically, one of my favorite parts of my job is hiring awesome people and then setting them up to do what they do best. In our case, that means telling stories about technology.

I'm thrilled to announce that TechRepublic has hired one of the best tech reporters in the business. Dan Patterson is joining our team as a Senior Writer.

I've known Dan for years. We met eons ago (in internet years) when we were both guests on a Tom Merritt podcast, rapping about the latest tech news. Since then I've kept track of Dan as he launched his own podcasts, coded websites, experimented with new media, traveled to Egypt to write about human trafficking, and won awards for his investigative journalism.

He's one of the most technically-savvy journalists I know, and he has a deep curiosity about both people and technology, which makes him uniquely qualified to work for TechRepublic since covering that crossroads is what we've always been about.

One of the most impressive things about Dan is that he's constantly looking for new and better ways to use tech to tell a story and share information with an audience.

Erik Schwartz, Head of Product at BitTorrent, said, "Dan is usually way ahead of the curve. He was one of the first few thousand people on Twitter... He was live-streaming video from the field on a mobile phone (a Nokia N95) nearly a decade before anyone had heard of Periscope or Meerkat."

He's also been a pioneer in news podcasting, using social media as a platform for journalism, and using the latest online tools to involve the audience in the story.

Dan will be writing about a wide range of topics for TechRepublic, but he'll especially be focused on interviewing innovators in business technology and exploring the intersection of tech and society (including topics such as open data, e-government, and civic tech).

"TechRepublic has a strong history of interesting, smart, and credible technology reporting," said Dan. "That great journalism would be impossible without the focused talent and loyal unity of the team. I'm excited to join this smart and experienced troupe of fun reporters."

Dan will join the TechRepublic team full time in October and will be based out of our New York City office. But between now and then he'll also be freelancing for us as well, so you'll start seeing his byline soon.

You can also find Dan on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.