TechRepublic welcomes Tom Merritt as host of new 5 Apps show

TechRepublic is relaunching our popular Five Apps blog as a weekly video series with veteran technology journalist Tom Merritt as the host.


From iOS calendars and Android office suites to Windows admin tools and Linux image editors, our Five Apps blog has brought you tools to solve problems, boost your productivity, and simplify your work. And starting this week, we're taking Five Apps to the next level--relaunching it as a weekly video series.

I'm even more pleased to announce that veteran tech broadcaster Tom Merritt will host our 5 Apps show.

"I'm excited to be a small part of the fantastic quality content TechRepublic provides. Thanks to Jason, Bill, and the whole team for letting me play in their sandbox," Tom said about his new hosting duties.

I first met Tom when he was a fellow CNET employee and host, or co-host, of several CNET TV shows and podcasts, including Buzz Out Loud, The Real Deal, Top 5, How-to, and Hacks. I've always been impressed with Tom's extensive technical know-how and keen sense of humor. And I'm thrilled he's joining us on TechRepublic.

In addition to hosting 5 Apps, Tom hosts his very own, and completely fan-funded, Daily Tech News Show and co-hosts Cordkillers with Brian Brushwood. He also co-hosts the Current Geek podcast with Scott Johnson and the venerable Sword and Laser science fiction and fantasy podcast with Veronica Belmont.

As Tom told me, given all his current shows and now with 5 Apps, "I really feel I've got a wide swath of tech and geeky stuff covered!"

The first of Tom's 5 Apps shows aired today and covers apps to help road warriors cut down on their travel headaches. Upcoming episodes will look at apps that every new Android user should install, apps to keep CXOs ahead of the pack, and overlooked, but really cool calendar apps.

So join me in welcoming Tom to TechRepublic and come back each week for a new roundup of peer-tested applications, tools, and utilities on 5 Apps.