This week in Las Vegas, Bill Detwiler and I will be at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show looking at the latest wares from global computer and electronics makers. However, unlike the other thousand journalists at CES, we won’t be drooling over $5000 cameras and 80-inch Plasma TVs (well, we might drool a little bit as we walk by).

Instead, we’ll be seeking out the products that can bring value to businesses, IT departments, and workers. While this is the Consumer Electronics Show and we’re still in the middle of an economic storm that is causing many businesses to scale back, we expect to see plenty of new innovations, product upgrades, and fresh ideas from both the world’s top tech companies and the legions of hungry little startups.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

  • Ballmer keynote: We’ll offer coverage of Steve Ballmer’s opening keynote on Wednesday night.
  • Product announcements: We’ll mostly leave the CES news reporting to our sister sites ZDNet and, but we will offer a few posts on newly-announced products that are relevant for businesses.
  • Photos: You can count on us to take lots of photos of products, booths, people, and the rest of the CES madness. We’ll put a gallery that will updated throughout the week and add a link to it from this post as soon as the first photos go live.
  • Technophile fodder: While most of our efforts will be focused on business tech, for the many technophiles in our audience we will also honor the geek culture by providing a few updates and links on the cool new stuff for your home and personal life.
  • Top trends: At the end of the week we will take a step back and provide a big picture look at some of the most important tech trends we observed at this year’s CES.
  • Best of CES 2009, for business: After the dust has settled we’ll publish our “Best of CES 2009” from a business perspective. This is, of course, an homage to our sister site, which hosts the general Best of CES awards every year.

You can find our CES 2009 coverage here in the Tech Sanity Check blog, in Bill’s IT Dojo blog, and on our special CES 2009 page. For those who are interested in a blow-by-blow, stream-of-consciousness look at CES, you can also follow my Twitter microblog where I will post my CES observations that are too short for a full blog post and much more timely.