To help IT professionals thrive in modern business, TechRepublic is hosting an event called “The Changing Face of IT” on July 1-2 in Louisville, Kentucky. The event is free to TechRepublic members (and TechRepublic membership is free).

We will be tackling some of the biggest issues that are bearing down on IT departments, IT leaders, and IT administrators in 2010, including:

  • The outsourcing effect
  • Supporting employee devices
  • The social media challenge
  • Dealing with cybercrime
  • Open source adoption
  • Cloud computing and SaaS

Attendees will also have the opportunity to shape their own sessions during the “Unconference” portion of the event each afternoon. Attendees can put propose potential topics and the topics that draw the most interest (by people putting their names under the topics to “sign up”) are the ones that will turn into break-out moderated discussions.

Here’s a look at the agenda for the two days:

Thursday, July 1

9:00-9:45: “The Changing Face of IT” (Jason Hiner)

10:00-10:45: “Writing a Good Social Media Policy” (Rick Vanvover)

11:00-11:45: “Your emails: The best and the worst” (Toni Bowers)

1:30-2:15: Unconference Breakout #1

2:30-3:15: Unconference Breakout #2

3:30-4:15: Preview of TechRepublic’s 2010 Upgrade (Jason Hiner)

4:15-4:30: Raffle

Friday, July 2

9:00-9:45: “The Consumerization of IT” (Bill Detwiler)

10:00-10:45: “IT Crimewatch: Bringing Down Cybercriminals” (Deb Shinder)

11:00-11:45: “The Great Open Source Debate” (Scott Lowe and Jack Wallen)

1:30-2:15: Unconference Breakout #1

2:30-3:15: Unconference Breakout #2

3:30-4:15: Closing Session: Community Open Mic (Sonja Thompson)

4:15-4:30: Raffle


The event will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Northeast in Louisville, which is where TechRepublic was founded as a startup in 1999 and where the TechRepublic Editorial Department still has its headquarters today.

You can find more details about the event in Sonja Thompson’s blog post. Sonja will be our emcee for the conference.

If you would like to attend, the only thing you need to do to register is send an email with your name, job title, company name, and TechRepublic username to