It’s not much of a secret that I’m a technology geek. I did the normal nerdy things in high school and college. You know, the carrying a slide rule in my pocket protector sort of thing. The strange part was my being totally enamored by grammar and writing. Talk about a double whammy: ever been ostracized by mainstream and geek types alike? I’d almost given up on writing for anyone other than myself. Fortunately for me, several TechRepublic editors took a chance on me a few years ago. Never doubt the courage of Jason, Toni, and Selena.

In the beginning, I stumbled around, patiently being mentored by TR editors and you, the members. Please know that I’m eternally grateful for all of you showing me the way. I think, no I know, I learned a great deal and hopefully it shows.

That operation thing

Remember I mentioned that I’m glad to even be here. Well, that’s because this time last year I was recovering from heart surgery, a triple bypass to be exact. I guess (being there in body, not sure where the mind was) the operation was anything but smooth. So, I owe my being alive to Dr. Emery and his amazing medical assistant Ms. Cadwell.

I’m proud to say that even under the influence of major pain killers I was totally geeked out by the networking and wireless equipment that were all around me. Just ask the hospital staff who took care of me. They showed amazing patience while under a constant barrage of questions from me. Ultimately, I even wrote an article about my experience titled, “Wireless Technology Played a Big Role in My Surgery.”

Proud parent

Surviving a life-threatening surgery is what I would consider a major gift, yet it pales in comparison to the gifts my son gives me every day. For example when I was recovering, he uncomplainingly took care of me, went to college full time, and worked 35 to 40 hours a week. He even told me not to talk about this. Something about being embarrassed, but since when do I listen to anyone except my editors.

TR members

I’ve been involved with IT for longer than I care to admit, just because doing so makes me feel really old. Remember the discussion on the forum about punched cards and the “old fart’s club”? Having been around this long allows me to make somewhat informed hypotheses. One of which is that you the members of TechRepublic are by far the most knowledgeable and dare I say nerdy (good thing in my world) people that I know.

Wanting to understand all things about IT is a true kinship that I share with you the members. So please know that I especially appreciate your allowing me to tag along. In the year coming up I’d like to continue learning and sharing the amazing world of IT with you, but only with your help and patience.

Final thoughts

If there’s anything that I learned this year it’s to tell people you care about how you feel. Thus my wanting to make sure the TechRepublic staff, the TechRepublic members, and everyone who suffers through my writing understands how much I appreciate their allegiance. It’s a gift that I never thought I’d realize and will never disrespect. Thank you from my now well heart, and I wish the best of the New Year to everyone.

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