What’s more important than a paycheck? A lot, according to many recent surveys of employees. Most important to employees seems to be flexibility in the workplace.

One thing that drives this flexibility is the BYOD movement. Most employees want to be able to choose the device they’re most comfortable using and that allows them to work how and when they want. In a recent Cisco survey of 600 U.S. IT leaders, 40% cited “device choice” as their employees’ top BYOD priority, with the second being the ability to “work during personal time, and vice versa.”

Of course, some CEOs will hear this and say, great, open the doors for any and all device preferences. But as an IT leader who knows the data safety ramifications, this move has to be tempered.

TechRepublic is offering a new download, available for free as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership, or that may be purchased through our online store. This BYOD Policy, describes the steps your employees must take when connecting personal devices to the organization’s systems and networks. Simply copy the text from the zipped PDF into your favorite word processor and customize it to fit your needs.

One thing you can expect going forward is that workers will be connecting, sharing and working collaboratively from home, a café, an airport, at a client’s location and even on a commuter train. Be safe and establish a solid BYOD policy first.