When new employees come on board, there are always forms and documentation for getting them set up with the IT department for computer access and an email address.

At some companies, no orientation process exists. At others, the process is different depending on which office location is giving the orientation, and the department where the employee will work. But consistency is key.

With this in mind, TechRepublic is offering a new download, available for free as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership, or that may be purchased through our online store. This New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy, and the accompanying slides, will provide IT departments with the materials they need to simplify the process for orienting new hires.

The policy serves as a template and lists every element that must be reviewed with each new staff member, and provides slides that can be used during employee orientation. Simply copy the text from the zipped PDF into your favorite word processor and customize it to fit your needs.

The policy includes default access guidelines to provide end users a smooth transition to their new job, and the slides allow for a consistent orientation experience with each new employee.

With this policy, IT and HR departments can work together to ensure new hires receive the most useful orientation experience and IT guidance.