As you can see, we’ve put a fresh coat of paint on TechRepublic and rearranged some of the furniture. However, the original foundation remains. This is still the same home for IT professionals.

In addition to simply making the site more visually compelling and more consistent with TechRepublic’s sister sites, ZDNet and BNET, on the TechRepublic home page we’ve also chosen to shine the spotlight on the four central themes that define TechRepublic:

  • IT Leadership
  • Decision Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Member Activity

As you may have noticed, the new feature box at the top of the TechRepublic home page offers content dedicated to each of these four categories. The IT Leadership, Decision Support, and Problem Solving slots feature original content produced by the TechRepublic editorial department and our international network of IT writers.

The Member Activity box provides a barometer for the flurry of activity that is always happening in the TechRepublic Forums, including a list of the most active discussions at that moment.

Another new feature that you’ll find on the TechRepublic home page is a new right-column unit that I like to call “the scoreboard.” It provides a window into the vast library of resources that we have available from many of the top vendors in the IT industry. At launch, this shows a count of the vendors that have the most white papers in our directory. In the future, you will also see the scoreboard show the vendors with the most white papers in a specific subject, such as virtualization, storage, networking, etc.

The left column of the home page, underneath the main feature box, remains the same. It shows the river of “Most Recent” content published on TechRepublic. The alternate tab, “Community Recommends,” shows the content that TechRepublic members have had the most interaction with during the past week. In other words, it’s a community-powered “Most Popular” feed.

The other thing that doesn’t change with this redesign is that TechRepublic is still about providing great content — blogs, downloads, videos, forums, and more — to help you develop better strategies, make better decisions, and do your IT job better — or move up to a better job.