Today, one of the biggest blind spots for most IT departments is the issue of preparation for potential lawsuits. Recent legislation has set new legal expectations for the kinds of information that companies need to preserve and be able to produce if the company is ever brought into court. The fancy name for this is E-Discovery.

However, as an August 2008 TechRepublic survey shows, less than half of IT departments are prepared to meet the legal expectations for E-Discovery. As a result, TechRepublic is offering an E-Discovery Special Report that provides practical advice for setting up data policies and training your staff to prepare for legal challenges in the electronic age. The stakes are high in this game. If your company and your IT department are not in compliance, they are risking huge fines and sanctions — in addition to the general embarrassment.

The special report is written by E-Discovery expect Tom Olzak and popular IT author Deb Littlejohn Shinder, and it can help you quickly get up to speed on this important topic.