Most CIOs have plenty to worry about when staffing their businesses, and a recent survey by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) on the shortage of IT workers shows that there is no relief in sight.

According to ITAA’s survey, “Bridging the Gap: Information Technology Skills for a New Millennium,” businesses will create a demand in the U.S for 1.6 million IT workers. The Arlington, VA-based group, which released the survey results April 10, also predicts that nearly 850,000 IT positions will go unfilled.

As a CIO facing such statistics, how can you bring new talent to your business while keeping the high-tech workers you already have? You could start by checking out some of TechRepublic’s articles on retaining and recruiting IT workers.

“Strategies for recruiting IT talent,” for example, gives simple, commonsense strategies for deciding whether to use newspaper classified advertising or the Web to find workers. It also provides tips for simplifying the information you want from job candidates.

In “Site-ings: Staffing solutions for CIOs,” we point you to sites where CIOs can find retention tips, learn more about recruiting, post resumes, and find ways to bring in outside resources.

Trying to land younger IT workers? “What younger IT workers want from their jobs,” can give you an idea of what other businesses have done to attract younger technology workers.

Another story, “Best practices in retention: Corporate culture makes all the difference,” gives you suggestions for creating the atmosphere to foster loyalty among your employees.

Finally, in the column, “You’re not going to get the people you want—deal with it!,” we discuss ways to manage staffing issues if you haven’t been able to fill your roster.
What are you doing to attract new IT workers? What are you doing to keep them? Post a comment below or send us an e-mail.