Techtool Pro 9 diagnostics app: What's new for macOS Sierra

Micromat's Techtool Pro 9, recently updated for macOS Sierra, packs several necessary diagnostics within a single app that's priced to sell.

Image: Micromat

Troubleshooting hardware problems is easier when you have the right tool. Mac users need a powerful application with a simple interface capable of testing system memory, hard disk integrity, volume structures, video memory, fan and battery operation, and Bluetooth and network performance, among other parameters. Micromat's Techtool Pro 9, recently updated for macOS Sierra, is such a tool.

Upgraded for macOS Sierra, version 9.0.2 of Techtool Pro comes with numerous enhancements, including all the following:

  • macOS Sierra compatibility
  • Increased responsiveness, operation, and stability
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch, Late 2016 support
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016 support
  • Thunderbolt speed reading corrections
  • Improved Bluetooth and network interface test capabilities
  • Updated disk permissions settings
  • Updated partition map and partition repair operations
  • Improved French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese localization
  • Various bug fixes and other improvements and enhancements

The program runs on Intel-based Macs. Techtool Pro 9 requires OS X 10.8 or newer, including macOS 10.12 Sierra, and requires just 1 GB RAM.

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Techtool Pro 9 enables creating a bootable eDrive recovery partition possessing repair tools, performing partition repairs, rebuilding volumes, defragmenting volumes, cloning volumes, securely wiping volumes, performing processor checks, monitoring video performance and calibration, and adjusting audio output. Sensor tests are available to confirm proper operation for a Mac's ambient light, common electrical and voltage, power and temperature sensors.

The program also offers data recovery features for recovering information from damaged volumes and previously deleted files. Micromat warns data recovery may not always prove successful, and the process is, in most cases, not possible using SSDs. Using Techtool Pro 9, I didn't have success recovering several test files--including applications, photos, documents, and spreadsheets-- that I deleted and attempted to restore from a flash drive. The exception was when the deleted files were still present in the Trash; Techtool Pro 9 was able to successfully locate and restore those deleted files. CleverFiles' Disk Drill 3, however, successfully recovered numerous test files, as well as many others previously saved and deleted on the same media.

Techtool Pro 9 includes Protogo, too. The integrated feature, formerly a standalone program, permits creating a customizable bootable diagnostic volume, on a spare flash drive for example, that can boot, troubleshoot, and repair Macs.


Techtool Pro 9 is macOS Sierra compatible and includes numerous improvements and enhancements that complement its clean interface.

Image: Micromat

The application presents a clean dashboard featuring automobile-like gauges displaying USB, Cache, Processor, Network and Thunderbolt performance status. Hardware tests are available from a Test Selection menu on the program's bottom right pane, while corresponding settings appear within the bottom-right pane. Three simple icons, for accessing tests, tools, and reports, appear conveniently in the top-left corner.

The $99.99 application also maintains reports documenting program operations. Version upgrades are priced at $39.99, while a 10-user business pack costs $299.99, with the corresponding upgrade for $149.99.

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