This morning, after I approved the IT News Digest newsletter for delivery, I unplugged my computer, emptied my desk, and moved everything over to a new cubicle. For anyone who’s been following my blog posts, this move should come as no surprise.

Speaking of moving, I read a story today that will appeal to telecommuters who are employed by a company outside their home state: “Telecommuters: Beware the tax man.” 

According to the article, “The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of a Tennessee computer programmer who claimed that New York was violating his constitutional rights by forcing him to pay taxes on income he earned in his home state while telecommuting… Telecommuters employed by a company outside their home state may be at risk of having to pay extra taxes unless Congress adopts a bill protecting them.”

This issue doesn’t effect me, since I don’t telecommute (I just move cubes), plus I live and work in the same state. However, there are a couple people – my manager and a coworker within the TechRepublic content group – who might find this information disturbing. Is telecommuting worth the extra cost? If Congress doesn’t adopt a bill to protect telecommuters from having to pay extra taxes, I wonder how many people will relocate their home residence to the state where they’re employed. I’d be interested to hear what other people think about this issue. Thoughts?