Tell us about your experience with pro bono work

Everyone wants something for nothing, including your services as a consultant. However, many consultants take up pro bono work to make new contacts and broaden their skills. Tell us if you've done pro bono work and what your experience was like.

It’s amazing that despite all our efforts to ensure that we’re paid fairly for our work, our most satisfying experiences often come from doing something for free—or so the sentiment goes.

Pro bono consulting work is often touted as a way for consultants of all skill levels to solidify new business contacts, build new technical and managerial skills, and meet new people. But what has your experience been?

How much time have you been able to donate each month? What’s your favorite cause? Is there a particular skill—Web design, networking, database administration—that you find is most in demand?

Do you find that staffers can learn new skills, or have you ended up being an unwilling, long-time caretaker for a pro bono client? What’s the best way for consultants to become involved with pro bono work?

Tell us about your experiences, and we’ll compile your tips, suggestions, and stories into an upcoming guide for consultants considering pro bono work. You can either post your comments below or send us an e-mail.

While you’re at it…
This week, our IT Consultant poll asks, “Do you see any value in doing pro bono consulting?” Share your opinion with us, and we’ll use the results in upcoming articles.


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