Tell us how you protect your laptops

A recent TechRepublic survey showed that 70 percent of the people who responded did not have a laptop security policy. We're looking for the 30 percent who do. Send us your laptop security policies and practices, and we'll feature them in future articles.

Earlier this month, we reported the results of an informal survey on laptop security. Of the 769 TechRepublic members who took the survey, 64 percent told us that a company laptop has been stolen or has disappeared.

That’s no surprise: An analysis last year by insurance company Safeware showed that in 1999, 88 percent of claims due to theft, accidents, and other damage came from owners of notebook computers. That’s up from 53 percent in a similar analysis in 1997.

Ironically, 70 percent of TechRepublic’s respondents told us that they did not have a policy regarding security and the use of laptops while traveling. But we’re interested in talking to the 30 percent who do.

Send us your laptop security policies, and we’ll use them as a framework for other TechRepublic members. If you require the use of any locking devices or special software when your users are on the road, tell us about those as well.

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