It doesn’t matter who you are–an IT pro, student, housewife, priest, or politician–if you use a computer, you may be leaving yourself open to being hacked. In fact, the higher your profile in the public eye, the higher your chances are of being a hacker’s unfortunate target. In a recent news story, the police are investigating the possibility of hackers illegally downloading a private taped conversation of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from state computers. See the news story: “Schwarzenegger PC may have been hacked.”

According to the story, “In the remarks, California’s celebrity governor spoke of African Americans and Latinos, including a Hispanic state lawmaker, as having ‘hot’ blood, or being passionate… Schwarzenegger has apologized for the comments, taped during a meeting with aides. Police are probing their release because they were stored on digital files in state computers with only a few people authorized to access them.”

This only reaffirms my paranoid suspicions that we are all being tapped at all times. Anything we say can and will be used against us in a court of law. No, I haven’t heard that schpeel anywhere but on TV. I’m completely innocent… that is, until they learn how to record our thoughts!!