Windows Longhorn ServerWithout further ado, Microsoft is finally releasing the first public test version, Beta 3, of its Windows “Longhorn” Server. According to Ward Ralston, a senior technical product manager in Microsoft’s Windows Server group, Beta 3 is “feature complete,” but there will be a near-final “release candidate” version released before the official launch date sometime in 2008. Read the entire scoop as presented by CNET Networks’ “Microsoft releases public test of Longhorn Server.”

For other slants on Windows “Longhorn” Server Beta 3, check out these links below:

Way back in 2005, I asked the TechRepublic community to make their best guess on the actual release date of the final launch of Windows “Longhorn” Server. I’m revisiting this challenge and offering a TechRepublic mug with coffee, tea, or a hot chocolate single to the person who guesses the closest date (month, day, and year) to the official release of Windows “Longhorn” Server. There will be two winners — one from the previous discussion in 2005, and one from this post. Join the discussion, and make your guess today! (Please note: I’ll only consider the entries that are posted in the next week – April 26 to May 3, 2007.)


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