Testing means testing, you fool!

I opened Pandora's box and promptly forgot about it.

Last week the 2.16 release of GNOME was marked "testing" in the Gentoo portage tree. Generally I don't care much for testing news, except that I use a Gentoo box running that branch to show all the treasures of BitTorrent and YouTube on my tv. So it was that I updated GNOME from 2.14.x to 2.16.1 and logged out.

Much to my merriment, everything built fine and it looked to be one of the least painful updates I could remember considering the number of packages that need updating. When I logged back in though, it stood there. Naked to the bone, I could see everything! Nothing was left to the imagination.

Good grief, has the author gone completely mad? Claiming his desktop "flashed" him, of all things!

No it was far worse than that, the theme didn't come across on the widgets!!

There stood the base GTK widgets in all their square and horribly highlighted glory. Oh the pain! Where was the Clearlooks beauty I had enjoyed only minutes before?

"When did it become butt ugly?" asked my roommate.
All I could reply with was "When I updated".

Funny, isn't it? Evolution could have been crashing all over the place and we wouldn't have cared, or known for that matter -- but screw up the interface and everyone starts crying bloody murder.

Regardless of what theme I chose, the updated GTK widgets would not adjust -- the window border is Clearlooks but that is as far as it goes.

Lucky for me the box is merely a glorified Totem player and not used as a desktop by someone not familiar with Linux at all. I would hate to have to explain why I wrecked their machine and then have had to revert to 2.14 GNOME, hoping it would work.

I probably just have to rebuild something, thus far I have yet to work out what though.

When I updated the box I thought I was running the "stable" branch -- hence my dismay at the result. It was only later that I double checked and found out it was actually the testing branch. Seems I opened Pandora's box and promptly forgot about it.