TextPad and StickyNote combine to shave time

Analyzes two handy text-based tools IT pros can use to save time on the job

By Todd LeFort

I work with a couple of really slick utilities that are very helpful time shavers. (I was even able to help another TechRepublic member in one of the forums by recommending one of them.) For me, these programs are a must-have, and I thought these utilities would be a real help to my fellow TechRepublic members.

TextPad: Notepad on steroids
Tired of Notepad not cutting it when it comes to editing text? Wish you could sort your data any which way you wanted to? Then you need TextPad, which is the most versatile text editor I have ever seen or used. It’s like Notepad on steroids. I use TextPad to keep track of about 250 ongoing projects that progress at different paces. I also use TextPad for generating reports that don’t require all the formatting, bells, and whistles. Read this thread from the TechRepublic forums on how a TechRepublic member was helped by TextPad to sort patient chart numbers.

TextPad is available by logging on to the TextPad Web site. It is a shareware program and, therefore, is available for a free trial period. It is available in either a 16- or 32-bit edition. If after the trial period you decide you just can’t do without TextPad (and I’m sure you will), you may purchase TextPad for a nominal price. The TextPad site offers several add-ons that you can download for free and use with TextPad. The program is even available in seven different languages!

StickyNote: A nice software biscuit
Let’s face it. E-mail is almost better than sliced bread and virtually an essential tool for business communication. Well, perhaps a little-known biscuit of a program is StickyNote. If we all were asked, many of us would confess that our computer monitors are filled with post-it notes for quick reference information. Even our favorite TechRepublic Tips & Tricks man, Jeff Davis, was looking for a more convenient way to store password information other than the ‘ol sticky-note-under-the-monitor method. Well, StickyNote is the way to do away with all of those paper stickies.

StickyNotes are electronic stickies that can be obtained from the StickyNote Web site. After installation, StickyNote is configured to launch upon startup, and a convenient StickyNote tray is added to the system tray at the bottom right of your desktop. Need a sticky? Double-click the StickyNote tray and start typing. You can leave these electronic stickies on your desktop for quick reference or use the “always on top” feature for even quicker reference. If you just want to create a sticky with information for safekeeping but don’t want to have it displayed, you can hide the sticky and recall it whenever you need it. Another great feature of StickyNotes is that you can send them across your network or across the Internet.

These benefits are simply the tip of the iceberg. The latest version of StickyNote has more features than you can shake a stick at. For its nominal price, StickyNote is a must-have.

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