The 10 best (and worst) entry-level jobs of 2019

Engineers dominate the list of best entry-level jobs for recent graduates, according to a WalletHub report.

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Generation Z is overtaking the workforce, with 61 million Gen Zers currently in the job market, according to a recent LinkedIn report. As more Gen Zers graduate from college and flood the enterprise, these young professionals will be searching for the most lucrative entry-level job positions, according to a WalletHub report released on Monday.

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To help point recent graduates in the right direction, WalletHub compared more than 100 entry-level occupations across three main areas: Immediate opportunity, growth potential, and job hazards.

The report identified the following 10 jobs as the best entry-level positions for recent grads, many of which are in the tech industry:

  1. Electrical engineer
  2. Systems engineer
  3. Engineer
  4. Environmental, health, and safety engineer
  5. Hardware engineer
  6. Web applications developer
  7. Electronics engineer
  8. Industrial engineer
  9. Architect
  10. Operations research analyst

Engineers clearly dominate the list of top entry level jobs. These professionals also dominate the list of most in-demand tech jobs in Silicon Valley, according to a recent Indeed report.

At the other end of the spectrum, WalletHub named the following jobs the worst entry-level positions of 2019:

  1. Machinist
  2. Sheetmetal mechanic
  3. Building inspector
  4. Carpenter
  5. Aircraft painter
  6. Tool and die maker
  7. Automotive mechanic
  8. Floor assembler
  9. Boilermaker
  10. Welder

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