The 10 best cities for digital nomads around the globe

Working remotely? These cities have the best internet speeds, co-working spaces, and apartment rental costs, according to Spotahome.

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Nearly half of the US workforce (43%) now works remotely at least some of the time, according to a Gallup survey, and more fully remote positions appear on the job market every day. While one in five "digital nomads"--people who can work from any location and choose to travel--make more than $100,000 per year, others may be seeking a city to move to that has low rent costs and other perks.

Most digital nomads tend to live in one place for a few months, working from coffee shops, libraries, co-working spaces, and apartments before packing up and moving on to explore elsewhere.

A Monday analysis from online home rental company Spotahome examined 56 cities worldwide to determine those best suited for digital nomads, taking into consideration internet speed, the number of co-working spaces, apartment rental prices, and migrant acceptance rates. It also looked at the number of startups, cafes with free Wi-Fi, green spaces and parks, annual sunshine hours, and the cost of beer.

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Taking the no. 1 spot is Belfast, Ireland, due to the city's focus on technology growth, high internet speeds, large numbers of co-working spaces, and low apartment rental prices. The city is also one of the UK's fastest growing economies. Meanwhile, only two US cities made the list.

"Belfast's position at the top of the list might come as a surprise to some, however, it's clear the city is quickly establishing itself as an efficient hub, with plenty to offer today's rising number of digital nomads," Melissa Lyras, brand and communications manager at Spotahome, said in a press release. "It's both exciting and promising to see so many European cities paving the way for this new generation of workers and we're looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop more opportunities to accommodate the growth in flexible working in the years to come."

Here are the 10 best cities to be a digital nomad, according to the analysis.

1. Belfast, UK

Score: 6.05/10

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Score: 5.84/10

3. Barcelona, Spain

Score: 5.82/10

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4. Brisbane, Australia

Score: 5.54/10

5. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Score: 5.48/10

6. Adelaide, Australia

Score: 5.46/10

7. Madrid, Spain

Score: 5.43/10

8. San Francisco, US

Score: 5.43/10

9. Wellington, New Zealand

Score: 5.41/10

10. Miami, US

Score: 5.35/10

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