The 10 fastest-growing remote jobs of 2018

The top remote job positions are in surprising industries, according to a FlexJobs report.

How to boost productivity for remote workers

Remote work has grown nearly 115% in the past decade, according to research from FlexJobs. Its increased popularity is largely due to the flexibility remote work offers. Remote work changes how many people live their lives, allowing employees to apply for jobs out-of-state or even internationally.

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Most remote work positions started in tech fields, since technology is what allowed employees to work remotely in the first place. However, remote work is proliferating through some surprising industries, according to a Monday report from FlexJobs.

FlexJobs analyzed the remote job listings in its database that grew more than 50% in 2018. In order of highest growth to least, here are the top 10 fastest-growing remote career categories FlexJobs identified:

1. Math & Economics

Sample math and economics remote job titles include actuarial analyst, economics faculty member, mathematical programmer, data scientist, and high school math teacher.

2. Insurance

Sample insurance remote job titles include loss control specialist, nurse case manager, premium auditor, underwriting manager, and claims representative.

3. Nonprofit & Philanthropy

Sample nonprofit and philanthropy remote job titles include senior national fundraising director, program director, policy manager, major gifts officer, and partnerships manager.

4. Mortgage & Real Estate

Sample mortgage and real estate remote job titles include senior loan officer, director of sales, district manager, real estate content producer, and real estate valuation manager.

5. Marketing

Sample marketing remote job titles include associate product manager, marketing specialist, marketing operations manager, online campaign manager, and digital marketing analyst.

6. Engineering

Sample engineering remote job titles include solutions engineer, software engineer, automation expert, design/field engineering technician, and head of front-end engineering.

7. Project Management

Sample project management remote job titles include business process consultant, engagement manager, project manager, scrum master, and project management manager.

8. Science

Sample science remote job titles include clinical research associate, science teacher, science coach, senior clinical scientist, medical science liaison, and life sciences content writer.

9. Legal

Sample legal remote job titles include global senior manager of contracts and agreements, paralegal specialist, general counsel, privacy and compliance manager, and BAR regional director.

10. Pharmaceutical

Sample pharmaceutical remote job titles include pharmaceutical regional sales manager, vice president of clinical effectiveness, clinical pharmacist, and regional neurology account manager.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Remote work has grown 115% in the past 10 years. -- FlexJobs, 2018
  • The top three fastest growing remote work categories include math/economics, insurance, and nonprofits/philanthropy. -- FlexJobs, 2018

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